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I am a registered real estate negotiator in Malaysia since 1999.

I specialized in Residential, Commercial, Agriculture and/or Industrial Land including Factories in the Klang Valley. I love my job and I love meeting people in various fields.

Success of each and every deal is a challenge and one needs to have the foresight, in-depth knowledge for the job besides handling with tact and transparency to match spec required.

You can count on me with the highest level of expertise in the local market, the rules, regulations, information handy at fingertips, leading you in each and every step of the process, regardless of Sell, Buy Or Rent a property, whichever that is in your best interest.  

Living for others is a rule of nature and if you are successful, satisfied with your achievement because of me, that will give me greatest sense of pride for having contributed my part to make it happened.

Image and reputation matter most to me in my profession and results will speak for itself. Therefore, being knowledgeable in this industry, I am confident that I can assist you in making a better decision to achieve the maximum. 

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